tests pre qualification CEM 2

From different CAD files, Omicron generates test programs for its in-circuit testers (ICT) and JTAG benches.

Visual inspection:

  • Complete visual monitoring of PCB
  • Automated control of weld conformity
  • Component presence and polarization monitoring
  • Manufacturing process validation .

In-circuit testers (ICT):    

2 testers:

  • 4 flying probes
  • Possibility to connect 8 capacitive probes
  • Three 0V/15V/1A isolated power supplies
  • 4 bed of nails relay cards (256 points expandable to 1024).

JTAG test:

  • JTAG chain check: chain integrity and verifying the internal reference components (IDCODE)
  • JTAG and non-JTAG components interconnection (adding JTAG cells, components modeling, ...)
  • RAM/Flash test
  • JTAG programming


tests pre qualification CEM

Programming components on different media:

  • Multi-socket
  • In-situ: Impac, Quartus, Cascon, etc.

Dielectric test:

  • Insulation measurement
  • Dielectric strength
  • Dielectric.

Insulation and continuity testing:

  • Continuity
  • Wiring control
  • Insulation control
  • Resistance measuring
  • Capabilities measuring.

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